[Development] What about including serial port support component to Qt?

Denis scapig2 at yandex.ru
Tue Dec 6 12:05:25 CET 2011

Hello, developers.

We want to provide a library QSerialDevice v 2.0 to work with serial ports: https://gitorious.org/qserialdevice/qserialdevice/trees/2.0

We would like to include it as a separate module for Qt.

The implementation of the library is closely linked to the internal architecture of Qt
and uses some private classes Qt.

We want to know: Is there interest in this subject, and find like-minded in its development?

At present, the library has two classes of SerialPort and SerialPortInfo.

So what we have:

Class SerialPort - full-fledged support for OS Windows, WinCE, POSIX-compatible.
Partially implements the interface for OS Symbian.
As a basis of the SerialPort was taken QAbstractSocket, therefore, their implementation is somewhat similar.

Class SerialPortInfo - fully supports OS Windows, WinCE, GNU/Linux, MacOSX, other * nix (simplified), Symbian.
As a basis of the SerialPortInfo was taken QPrinterInfo, therefore, their implementation is somewhat similar.

For all class added comments in QDoc style.

What else is needed make:

1. Implement SerialPort support in OS Symbian.
2. Make a proper configuration for documentation generation.
3. Make the correct configuration to build the project.
4. Correct spelling errors in comments.

If you're interested to include it into reguar Qt stuff - please let me know


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