[Development] How to create new Qt modules or tools

Laszlo Papp lpapp at kde.org
Fri Dec 9 13:00:13 CET 2011

Hi Henry,

> https://wiki.qt-project.org/Creating_a_new_module_or_tool_for_Qt

> Choose a descriptive playground project name. The name should not include "Qt". For example "Extra Effects", "Mime Types"

If a developer would like to move a project that is started as "QtX",
I should rename it to "Y" or something like that, and then back again
to "X" ? Practical example: QtOpenaL (coming for instance from a KDE
repository) -> "3D Audio" (Qt Playground) -> QtOpenAL (Qt Final)

I can probably guess the reasons, but it might just seem like an
overhead for new contributors at first glance in the aforementioned
example. I am not writing it is bad, but it would probably be
reasonable to write a more detailed description of what the reason for
this is. :) There are pros and cons for this decision, and if you
mention why the decisions are made, it would make it clearer for
contributors more explicitely why you stick by that.

> Graduating from the Playground
> Once your project becomes more mature, it can be moved out of the playground, and become a Qt module or tool. This decision is done on the qt-development > mailing list and requires the approval of the Chief Maintainer.
> When your project is moved from the playground to the Qt project area, the playground name needs to be changed to a descriptive Qt module or tool name.

Could you please document the review process more thoroughly ? II
guess the whole history is not available in many cases. It would be
nice, unless you already started the project in this playground
repository. I am also interested in the review process in general
about new modules and tools. It is somewhat different in the sense,
they are not logical commit by commit reviews. More precisely, if I do
not have a proper history, is it enough to put for review that way, or
I need to refactor the project to get proper history first ? It might
be a bit of a hard task in certain cases, but would bring more quality
into the project.

Thank you for sharing the wikipage. It is nice to see there is already
some documentation. :)

Best Regards,
Laszlo Papp

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