[Development] Removing Wacom support in Qt5

Ariel Molina ariel at edis.mx
Thu Sep 6 00:53:37 CEST 2012


There is a really old, and quite long, list of bugs at Qt, take for example:

Wacom support is broken, it's in fact somewhere between alpha or beta
state, some tablets work some others dont. In OSX they work pretty
good, in windows you really suffer. The driver works fine for several
non-Qt apps (Adobe Suite works just fine)

0) It's not a driver issue
1) Wacom support is broken in Qt, several bugs are closely related
2) QtCreator, qmlpuppet and every single Qt App is affected by bugs right now
3) There is no official Wacom support
4) Few % of Qt apps are in fact targeting Wacom
5) Nobody cares about Wacom anyway, or the bug should be solved by now
(some bugs are 2+ years old)
6) Digia wrote a patch, but it's a hack and was rejected
7) There are examples showcasing Qt's Wacom support but this is not
true, Wacom is broken, nobody complains because 5)

Another point to consider:

1) Quick 2.0 is the way to go, but it targets designers
2) Designers use mostly Adobe suite and other similar tools
     (this means probably Wacoms in there)
3) Even with the Wacom unplugged the bugs are present, killing the
usefulness of even QtCreator
4) Many scenarios will pop where designers+coders work in the same workstations
5) These wacom problems will become common as time passes

Myself have a room with 40+ workstations where the driver is
installed/uninstalled at least once a week, it's a nightmare.

also, from the IRC channel:

<Desert> "Wacom tablets don't work properly in any application that
uses QT because the problem lies in the QT library."
<thiago> we know
<thiago> we just don't care enough
<thiago> there's no one with a Wacom tablet who can fix the issue
<cbreak> I found that tablets worked ok in Qt on OS X
<cbreak> they worked kind of on windows.
<cbreak> but only with lots of trouble
<Desert> cbreak: this is why im asking some flag to disable that
support, to avoid having that trouble for free
<thiago> but like I said before, since that's the case, we should just
remove support
<thiago> we know it breaks every other release
<thiago> and we know no one fixes it
<thiago> so let's just remove it once and for all
<Desert> thiago is right, someone maybe will step in in the future and fix it
<thiago> in the nearer future, since no one will, we should just remove it

In the very beggining of this I was asking for a commandline switch
myapp.exe --wacom or something like a flag Qt::WA_AcceptWacom to keep
Wacom disabled and we (99.999%) of developers not caring about Wacom
keep our sanity.

Is it better to remove Wacom for Qt5? what do you think?


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