[Marketing] Qt on RIM Devices

adam.weinrich at nokia.com adam.weinrich at nokia.com
Wed Dec 14 20:12:38 CET 2011

There is a Qt port for QNX/BBX/RIM devices.  Lets get this ecosystem involved in the Qt-Project!
Yes, I know, the code is not yet in the Qt-Project repository but it should be forthcoming.
The QNX/BBX/RIM ecosystem are very open to engaging with the Qt community and the Qt Project.

I am coordinating a Qt keynote and training at the Blackberry DevCon in Amsterdam in February http://www.blackberrydevcon.com/ as well as doing outreach to their developers at Mobile World Congress.  They are offering discounts to these events to Qt-Project community.

The Qt Developer Experience team will also be showing off Qt on the current playbook at the Qt booth at CES and MWC.

Those who already owns a playbook, develops for Blackberry devices or are interested in becoming involved are encouraged to get involved with this new Qt port.
Let me know if you have any insight or interests in making this a win-win for Qt and this new community.

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