[Qt-components] QML component APIs and techniques

Zoltán Balogh zoltan.balogh at canonical.com
Wed Jan 9 18:39:41 CET 2013

Hello all,

after a short but positive discussion on the #active freenode channel we 
[1] agreed to continue the discussion about QML component implementation 
techniques and APIs

The objective is to

1. collect all concepts in various projects
2. explain to each other the pros/cons of the implementation
3. discuss about consistent QML component and common API set
4. bring the discussion to a higher level to understand each others 
visions of fundamental techniques

I am sure I do not need to explain the importance and benefits of this 
discussion, but clearly a productive collaboration between communities 
and companies would be something revolutionary :)

So if you are involved in project to create QML components and 
application framework please speak up, introduce your project, point to 
the API docs if there is such and let us start the discussion.



[1]  if you wonder who I mean by 'we'
Marco Martin (notmart @freenode) from Active Plasma/KDE
Aaron J. Seigo (aseigo @freenode) from Active Plasma/KDE
Joona Petrell (jpetrell @freenode) from Sailfish OS
Zoltán Balogh (bzoltan @freenode) from Ubuntu

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