[Qt-creator] inkpot theme corrections.

daniel.molkentin at nokia.com daniel.molkentin at nokia.com
Fri Mar 2 23:51:21 CET 2012

Hi Campbell,

first of, thanks for the fixes.

realize this should be done with gerrit but its a bit of a hassle to
setup, would someone mind applying these changes?

The problem isn't that we are lazy slackers or that we want to hope to suck people into the project (it would be nice, but there are certainly better ways to do it ;). The point is simply that it is the /only/ way to do it.

Background is that every Gerrit Contributor needs to accept the Contributor License Agreement (CLA). At the same time, the CLA mandates that you may only submit code for which you are the Copyright Holder. That means that there is no other third party who would be entitled to submit your patches without breaching the CLA they have accepted.

Please reconsider setting up your machine for Gerrit, it's time well-spent. From where you are, it will only take three to four steps (depending on whether you're on Unix or Windows): http://wiki.qt-project.org/Setting_up_Gerrit.

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