[Qt-creator] Qt-Creator 2.4.1 & "No tool chain can produce code for this Qt Version."

Klaus.Fuerth at ELK.de Klaus.Fuerth at ELK.de
Fri Mar 30 10:06:21 CEST 2012


I'm working on linux with Qt-Creator 2.4.1. I cross-compiled and 
installed an arm926 opensource Qt Version and the tool chain I compiled 
Qt with. Everything is working as expected.

Then I compiled Qt opensource for another arm derivate (cortex-a8, 
armv7a) with no errors and installed the Qt Version and the new tool 
chain in Qt Creator.
Anyway, I now get an error message "No tool chain can produce code for 
this version. Please define one or more tool chains." for the armv7a Qt 
Version (Tools -> Options ->Build & Run -> Qt Versions).
The compiler is in the PATH environment var, when using a shell I am 
able to compile the project.

The first Qt Version is still working well.

armv7a is still not working when I remove the arm926 Qt Version & tool 
chain. What can I do here to get it up?

What is needed from Qt-Creator for the tool chain? Where are the 
dependencies defined?


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