[Accessibility] Status update

Frederik Gladhorn frederik.gladhorn at digia.com
Fri Jun 20 13:23:12 CEST 2014

Hi all,

the last weeks have been busy with various things, amongst them the Qt 
Contributors' Summit. One point raised there was that we could often do a 
better job at letting people know what's going on. Here's my attempt. I hope 
it's interesting for you :)

One big thing that I'm extremely happy about is that we have the iOS work for 
Qt accessibility merged, it will be part of Qt 5.4 (due late this year).

Another interesting bit for Linux users is that with the help of the Orca 
folks we finally figured out what blocked various keyboard combinations 
(already in the 5.4 branch) and why flat review wasn't working properly (flat 
review is the virtual cursor that Orca has, not in yet, will also be 5.4 

Another topic ongoing in adding increase/decrease actions to all accessible 
elements that expose value interfaces automatically.

There is also a new blog post out for those curious about testing on OS X. 

Best regards,
Frederik Gladhorn
Senior Software Engineer - Digia, Qt
Visit us on: http://qt.digia.com

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