[Accessibility] qtspeech status

Jeremy Whiting jpwhiting at kde.org
Sat Sep 27 02:00:47 CEST 2014

Hello list,

I should have sent this a long time ago, but have been putting it off
in hopes that I would do more homework before sending this out. It
turns out that homework just never got done either :/. I just found
that kdepim master branch is depending on qtspeech so I thought I'd
send this out now and do my homework as I am able, possibly with some
answers on this thread to help me along.

My main question is what is needed for qtspeech to get released?

In looking at the code itself I see some commented out
structures/classes for the voice parameters. I guess for this to get
uncommented out a standard/common denominator between the 4 (or is it
5 now) platforms that qtspeech will support needs to be found?

Is this the only thing holding qtspeech back from getting included in
an official Qt release? What else needs to be done for this to happen?

I do realize that qtspeech wont write itself. I hereby commit myself
to help with at least the linux platform code. I don't have access to
a mac for development, so can't help there, but I can probably learn
to help with android and windows platforms if needed.

Jeremy Whiting

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