[Accessibility] Android QT accessibility plugin urgent plea

Mgr. Janusz Chmiel ernesta at tiscali.cz
Mon Sep 14 14:42:06 CEST 2015

Dear MR Schulz,
     I Am very sorry, that I have not understood well that also source 
code, which are contain qt markup language files to create GUI can be 
also made to be accessible.
Ihave though, that only apps which  have been created in QT creator can 
produce accessible results.
In Qt 5.5 Android example, Radio app is accessible and developers are 
using .cpp file to create parts of GUI.
I Am sad, that Wiziq app, which maybe have been also created in QT IDe 
is totallyinaccessible.
I can not determine from The users perspective, if they were used QT 
markup language or no, becauseI can not determine itby searching inside 
.apk package.
I Am only sad, that some developers do not use accessibility infrastructure.

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