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BRM bm_witness at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 29 22:34:48 CET 2013

I'm working to get Qt5 setup for working with Android. I had an older R18 SDK installed that compiled just fine, but then the emulator version wouldn't compile. So I'm updating the SDK now and rebuilding both, using what i think is the R22 SDK (from the ADT Zip download for Linux 64-bit). Any how...I was looking a little more through the Qt5 for Android stuff and noticed the list of tested devices (http://qt-project.org/wiki/Qt5ForAndroidSupportedDevices). I have, and am planning to use, a Nexus One (loaded with CM7 Passion Stable, 7.2.0) and an ASUS Tranformer Inifinity (TF700T, latest Android 4.2.1). Any reason I should expect problems with either or both?

While I know the NexusOne is pretty much a "legacy" device; I'd be happy to lend a hand where I can with supporting it ant he TF700T - both are primary devices for me,
 but I do dev on them nonetheless, usually after I pass things through an Android emulator.

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