[Android-development] Incremental deployment during development with Lollipop

Harri Pasanen harri at mpaja.com
Tue Jan 13 11:01:25 CET 2015

On 13/01/2015 10:32, Eskil Abrahamsen Blomfeldt wrote:
> On 01/13/2015 10:31 AM, BogDan wrote:
>> Sadly run-as doesn't work on most of devices out there and we can't 
>> rely on it. My hope is that Google will fix that problem.
> Is it really most devices? It's worked on every device I tried at least.
> I think we should implement the work-around for Lollipop anyway, since 
> it will definitely not work without it. We could add a warning in the 
> Qt Creator device selection if you are using debug deployment on a 
> Lollipop device, saying that it might not be compatible with all 
> devices so that people are prepared and know what to do if it fails.

I second this motion.  I don't think it is a show-stopper if not all 
devices are supported for *development*.   I suspect most serious 
developers already have multiple devices to pick from. Plus doesn't 
google recommend nexus line for development?


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