Harri Pasanen harri at mpaja.com
Wed Jan 14 20:03:48 CET 2015

I got my son an Acer Iconia B1-750 for Christmas and have been playing 
with it a bit. (Android 4.4.4).

It was quite cheap, 99 Eur, but it has a nice quad core Intel CPU which 
feels very fast, especially when building for x86 native. Certainly 
faster than my Nexus 7 2013. When going native especially the app 
startup time improved a lot. I assume there is some clever binary 
translation going on at startup when running arm on x86, which slows it 
down a bit. But hats off to Intel, the binary translation works 
remarkably well, it was certainly very snappy in use even with arm binaries.

Downside of the B1-750 is that it only has 8Gb of memory, leaving only 
about 1Gb for apps after updates have installed. It has a memory card 
slot, but the memory card access seems pretty much read-only. I haven't 
been able to write anything on the memory card from my apps, nor can 
even its own camera save to memory card. On my S4 mini memory card 
access works fine, within the constraints of KitKat that is. For the 
first time I'm tempted to look into custom rom development to make this 
thing live up to its potential, but I digress...

Now the Qt related issues.

When apps fail to deploy for what ever reason, Qt Creator does not 
detect it and launches the previous installed version. I've had a couple 
of unpleasant moments when I fixed a bug and tested it and the bug was 
still there.

Anyway, now documented at:




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