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Fri Jan 16 17:49:08 CET 2015


Sorry to insist but can someone explain how ministro is choosing between 
arm/x86 in case a device is capable of both?

Philippe Lelong

Le 30-12-2014 09:11, maitai at virtual-winds.org a écrit :
> Hello,
> I distribute 2 apks (based on qt 5.3.2) for the same application via
> google-play, one for x86 and the other for arm. The only difference
> between the apks is the version code.
> According to the documentation, google will deliver the correct apk
> depending on the device, but if a device is capable of running both, it
> will deliver the highest version code. So far so good.
> This app is deployed with ministro.
> Whatever I do I get some users not able to run the app because either
> ministro downloaded x86 libraries and the apk they get from google is
> compiled for arm, or the opposite. This occurs for instance quite often
> (but not always) with people using a Galaxy tab 3. I get better results
> if I make sure the version code for x86 is higher than the one for arm,
> but even like that I still have cases of not-compatible apk and libs.
> Is there anything I can do about that? How is ministro deciding between
> x86 and arm in case a device is capable of both?
> Thanks and happy new year to all
> Philippe Lelong.
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