[Android-development] android: android actionbar appears and never hides when calling openOptionsMenu

maitai maitai at virtual-winds.org
Sun Apr 24 19:36:23 CEST 2016


Using Qt 5.6 (widget), I have a tablet android 5.1.1 without any 
physical buttons (Danew Dslide 1014). In my app I have a button that 
triggers openOptionsMenu(). When the menu appears, strangely the android 
action bar appears over the application, at the bottom. The problem is 
that when the options menu gets closed the actionBar stays there and 
there is no way to get it hidden, apart from sending the app to the 
background and showing it again. To make things worst, Qt (mainWindow) 
doesn't resize to make room for the actionBar, so some elements are 
under it and not accessible anymore after that.

I set the theme to Theme_Holo_NoActionBar_Fullscreen before onCreate, 

All this is working fine on devices with a physical home button (the 

I've spend the last 2 days trying to close this actionBar from my 
activity (derived from QtActivity), no luck. getActionBar() is returning 
NULL, and trying             
doesn't work either.

Any help would be really welcomed

Philippe Lelong

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