[Android-development] Migration to QtQuick/QML

Tomasz Bojczuk seelook at gmail.com
Wed Dec 7 21:29:28 CET 2016


I need advice before I will start porting my app to QtQuick.
So I'm kindly asking to read following info, what it is and please, give me
a clue, is it worthy to start migrating process of the project or better
stay wits QtWidgets.

The project http://nootka.sf.net is open source(GPLv3)  application to
learn and practice sight reading of musical score.
The project is matured, there were couple of releases. It is cross-platform
(Lin, Win, Mac and Android). It is available through Google Play Store as
Here is short video that visually demonstrates it:

It lays on QtWidgets and the most important widget uses QGraphicsView
framework to represent musical score. Here is a video, what "old"
QGraphicsView framework is capable for under Android:

But I would like to add new functionality to the score - rhythms.
It requires to write this widget almost from scratch. Also that
functionality requires much more painting operations than now.
I thought, maybe I should take QML graphics scene - advertised recently a
lot. Also there are many GUI controls in the app (wizards, dialogs) and
QtWidgets don't fit with Android well - it required a lot of adjusting.
But possible solution is also to hold on QtWidgets and adjust style more
for Android.

One more thing is, I didn't use QML much, almost none. But it looks
attractive :-)
So, please, give me some advice.

Thanks in advance,
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