[Android-development] Android mismatch qmake / kit (QtC 4.7.2, Qt 5.12 Beta3)

ekke ekke at ekkes-corner.org
Wed Oct 31 18:28:53 CET 2018

I'm testing Qt 5.12 Beta 3 and QtCreator 4.7.2 (Android, macOS, iOS)

Building Android I'm getting this warning:

:-1: warning:
is used by qmake, but
is configured in the kit.
Please update your kit or choose a mkspec for qmake that matches your
target environment better.

App can be deployed to the Device without problems. Is it OK to ignore
the Warning ?

another question: for 5.12 Beta 2 I reads that NDK r16b should be used -
is this still valid for Beta 3 or should I useĀ  a newer one ?



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