[Android-development] [Qt 5.12.x] Freeze on restart after a long pause

Vincent Kaestle vincent.kaestle at gmail.com
Tue Apr 16 15:15:09 CEST 2019


Since Qt 5.12 / 5.12.1 / 5.12.2, I get a bug I didn't have with Qt 5.11

This bug occurs generally a day after using phone, the phone needs memory
and shutdown apps not used for a while. Then when I restart the Qt app, it
should start from the beginning all the app. But it doesn't : Application
is stuck after loading the QtActivity empty without any log.

*This bug is easy to reproduce:*

1. you can create an empty app using "Qt Quick Application - Stack" template

2. enable "Don't keep activities" in Developer options

[image: image.png]

3. Launch app a first time, it will work
Put app in background (eg: home button)
Re launch app, then it's stuck

I build with those versions :
Android NDK r18b
Target SDK : API 28 - Android 9
Qt 5.12.2 armeabi-v7a
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