[Automotive] QmlLive: Is LiveNodeEngine::RecreateView mode really needed?

Juergen Ryannel juergen.bocklage-ryannel at pelagicore.com
Mon Aug 8 12:40:24 CEST 2016


We had some issues where content (e.g. QML, images, …) where cached and survived a clearComponentCache call. So we introduced RecreateView where we completely destroy the view. This core was written during Qt 4.8 times and then updated for Qt5. 

Ideally we would not use a QQuickView at all and just depend on a QQmlEngine. Additionally we would like to create the out-of-process option, where we control a remote process. This makes it easier to survive crashes from C++ plugins.

/ jryannel

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> Hi,
> What was the issue with just ReloadDocument that led you to introduce RecreateView? Destroying the root object can left the view in a messy state?
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