[Automotive] [agl-discussions] Introduce Qt IVI layer (meta-qt5-ivi)

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Upstream meta-qt5 is used to the extent possible and all changes to it are actively pushed upstream. However, we want to use the latest Qt, thus minor modifications. Intention is not to fork meta-qt5. What we have should be considered rather a mirror.

We are working with the meta-qt5 maintainers and contributing to it. We have actually even offered to make meta-qt5 an official part of the Qt Project. Currently it is still in github, but perhaps some day it can move under the Qt Project.

PS. I am not a member of genivi lists, please forward the message if it is blocked.


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Hi Phong,

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> Subject: [agl-discussions] Introduce Qt IVI layer (meta-qt5-ivi)
> Hi ALL,
> I would like to share the meta-qt5-ivi which provides qtapplicationmanager,
> qtivi and qt-apps-neptune-ui.
> The repo is on github here:
> https://github.com/phongt/meta-qt5-ivi
> I applied this layer to AGL distro and It can start up QEMU x86-64 KVM
> Ubuntu 14.04 host PC.
> Please refer README for detail:
> https://github.com/phongt/meta-qt5-ivi/blob/dev/README
> I uploaded the images here:
> https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B7oqqrcWpAYlZkx2NXFzcDB2Znc&
> usp=sharing
> I attached some screenshoots of Neptune UI.
> Please review and give your feedbacks.

Looks interesting. Thank you for sharing.

One question from reading the Readme. I see it does not use the existing meta-qt5 layer [1].
Whilst trying to avoid drawing you into politics could you summarise technically why your layer
has its own base Qt 5 parts? From a quick look the two layers seem to have a somewhat different focus
and you've provided recipes presumably for just what you need.

I am not thinking so much about a feature by feature comparison but the practicalities about
layer architecture and adoption. To give one example the Genivi Development Platform (GDP)
uses [1] for the base Qt 5 parts for its Qt based HMI. So if say someone wanted to adopt your work
into GDP the question arises as to how best to do that. Adopting your Qt5 layer instead for the base Qt5
raises questions of maintenance going forward and whether all requirements are met, whilst just adopting
the apps/HMI (I realise I am probably simplifying there) means masking out parts for it to work on [1].

[1] https://github.com/meta-qt5/meta-qt5


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