[Automotive] [agl-discussions] Introduce Qt IVI layer (meta-qt5-ivi)

phongtran tranmanphong at gmail.com
Wed Jun 15 16:56:24 CEST 2016

On 06/14/2016 11:27 PM, Stephen Lawrence wrote:
Hi Steve,
> Hi Phong,
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>> Subject: [agl-discussions] Introduce Qt IVI layer (meta-qt5-ivi)
>> Hi ALL,
>> I would like to share the meta-qt5-ivi which provides qtapplicationmanager,
>> qtivi and qt-apps-neptune-ui.
>> The repo is on github here:
>> https://github.com/phongt/meta-qt5-ivi
>> I applied this layer to AGL distro and It can start up QEMU x86-64 KVM
>> Ubuntu 14.04 host PC.
>> Please refer README for detail:
>> https://github.com/phongt/meta-qt5-ivi/blob/dev/README
>> I uploaded the images here:
>> https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B7oqqrcWpAYlZkx2NXFzcDB2Znc&
>> usp=sharing
>> I attached some screenshoots of Neptune UI.
>> Please review and give your feedbacks.
> Looks interesting. Thank you for sharing.
Thank for your feedback.

> One question from reading the Readme. I see it does not use the existing meta-qt5 layer [1].
This layer depends on meta-qt5. I have just tested this layer with AGL 
distro. AGL distro also use meta-qt5. So I put AGL distro as dependencies.

> Whilst trying to avoid drawing you into politics could you summarise technically why your layer
> has its own base Qt 5 parts?
Do you mean this 

If yes, this is for fixing the compile error of qtwayland.

> From a quick look the two layers seem to have a somewhat different focus
> and you've provided recipes presumably for just what you need.
> I am not thinking so much about a feature by feature comparison but the practicalities about
> layer architecture and adoption. To give one example the Genivi Development Platform (GDP)
> uses [1] for the base Qt 5 parts for its Qt based HMI.
This layer also use [1].

> So if say someone wanted to adopt your work
> into GDP the question arises as to how best to do that.
> Adopting your Qt5 layer instead for the base Qt5
> raises questions of maintenance going forward and whether all requirements are met, whilst just adopting
> the apps/HMI (I realise I am probably simplifying there) means masking out parts for it to work on [1].

> [1] https://github.com/meta-qt5/meta-qt5
> Regards
> Steve

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