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Sanchez, Jack jsanche4 at jaguarlandrover.com
Tue Feb 14 01:04:04 CET 2017

Hi guys,

Question on building/deploying/working with the QtApplicationManager module.

Up until this point, it has been OK for us to work without QtCreator
recognizing the QtApplicationManager QML import.
i.e. "import QtApplicationManager 1.0"

Unless I'm missing something -
It seems that this module does not build and/or deploy the QML module
definition objects which the Qt system uses to recognize a QML module as

import QtApplicationManager 1.0
QML module not found.

Based on my understanding, I would assume there should be something roughly
equivalent to $$[QT_INSTALL_PREFIX]/qml/QtApplicationManager directory
housing a qmldir, plugins.qmltypes and a libqtapplicationmanagerplugin.so.

If I understand the QtAppMan module correctly as well, it is building with
static linking. Is this causing some problems here?

Also, I understand that I should be able to use the qmlplugindump utility
to generate the plugins.qmltypes file myself, but for the life of me I
cannot get more output than "Component not ready".

Any help or insight with this would be greatly appreciated thanks!!

*Jack Sanchez*
Lead Qt Engineer
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