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Jereme Lamothe jlamothe at docboxinc.com
Tue Jan 10 22:31:06 CET 2017

Hi Matt. We ran into this same problem at DocBox, there does not appear to
be a public API for custom keyboard layouts / styles. When we contacted
commercial support about wanting this feature, we were told the development
team "didn't see the value in it". This was over a year ago, and I haven't
checked in since. It's probably time to do that, I'll send a feature
request later today.

In the meantime, we made changes to Qt 5.7 Virtual Keyboard's source to
enable custom styling / layouts. The changes required to do so are very
small (a mere 4 lines!), but would need additional thought and work to
warrant submitting to the Qt project. Our custom virtual keyboard layouts /
styles (*.qml) are included as resources in a common library used by our
apps. We modify VirtualKeyboardStyles::styleImportPath() to search for
styles at a known qrc:// URL. To load custom layouts, we point
FolderListModel's "folder" property in Keyboard.qml to also point to a
known qrc:// URL. I hope this helps!

On Tue, Dec 20, 2016 at 6:30 PM Bontrager, Matt <
pbontrag at jaguarlandrover.com> wrote:

> Hello automotive group. I have a question related to customizing the Qt
> Virtual Keyboard.
> Is there a way to customize the layout and style of the Qt Virtual
> Keyboard directly in the QML of a project (with the import
> QtQuick.VirtualKeyboard 2.1 , etc, in the document head)?
> After researching all of the documentation I could find, the only way I
> see to:
>    - customize the layout is to make changes directly in the source code
>    of the plugin (layouts/en_GB/main.qml, etc)
>    - customize the style is to create a custom directory in the
>    VirtualKeyboard/Styles directory and point the project to the custom style
> Thanks in advance for any direction/guidance.
> Best,
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