[Development] [Qt5-feedback] Command line parser in QtCore?

Andre Somers andre at familiesomers.nl
Sat Oct 22 16:14:48 CEST 2011

Op 22-10-2011 15:52, Dhaivat Pandya schreef:
> Craig,
> Do have any part of this class implemented? If its, people can test it 
> and see if it actually meets the users needs.
> 2011/10/22 Thiago Macieira <thiago at kde.org <mailto:thiago at kde.org>>
>     On Saturday, 22 de October de 2011 11:29:38 Craig.Scott at csiro.au
>     wrote:
>     > With that out of the way, I've put the class definition up on
>     pastebin for
>     > comment. I've withheld the implementation until I've had a
>     chance to clear
>     > it with our legal people. In the meantime, I think the interface
>     of the
>     > class is probably enough to get some feedback on whether people
>     think this
>     > has the potential to be a viable candidate for a command line
>     parser for
>     > Qt:
>     >
Seems to me Craigs message was clear: yes, there is an implementation, 
but no, it is not available to the public for the time being because 
such a release must go through the companies legal department. Sounds 
reasonable to me.

I have my doubts on the API. I don't really like the fact that 
subclassing is needed to use it. I prefer a solution where basic 
validation is build in, and more extended validation is possible 
(subclassing is OK to me for that case, but you could also considder a 
pattern like how QValidator is used.)


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