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Hope I can answer something here...

As far as I understand, we lost the commit history of all modules when importing from QtMobility.

As of now, QtPim includes contacts, organizer and versit from QtM, and future development should happen in QtPim, and only bug fixes are expected in QtM.

Some tests are commented out just because they are failing, and we are working to fix them. For sure, it's our target to get a higher coverage and better quality.

Currently, we are doing some refactoring / improvement for the APIs (mainly limiting some unnecessary flexibility and reducing some complexity), so probably it's further impacting our tests and merging from QtM.

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On Sat, Oct 22, 2011 at 6:59 PM, Robin Burchell <robin at viroteck.net> wrote:
> Hi,
> [nb: CCing some of the people who are probably concerned with QtPim,
> but let's try keep relevant discussions on the ML for the benefit of
> having things on record]
> I was taking around one of my personal areas of experience with an eye
> to improving a few things - QtPim.
> I noticed a few things that bother me:
> - the lost development history from the Qt Mobility repo
> - the apparent lack of sync with Qt Mobility master changes
> - some unit tests in a seemingly bad state (a number of them are
> disabled, see qtpim/tests/auto/auto.pro)
> While I can help fix/workaround the last with some effort, I really
> don't understand why this repository is in this state.
> Since there doesn't appear to have been much development on it so far
> since its import, is it out of the question to suggest starting
> 'fresh' somehow, ideally by keeping the history from Mobility (and
> keeping the tests intact!), and merging in the new stuff which seems
> to be undergoing work there (like the json contacts plugin)? This
> would have a few benefits, like better test coverage, easier to merge
> future fixes, and so on.
> If not, how are things proceeding? Is QtPim the place to work on
> contacts/organizer APIs for Qt 5? What will happen to the version in
> Mobility's master? And how will fixes be merged back to QtPim?
> Thanks,
> Robin

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