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Tomasz Siekierda sierdzio at gmail.com
Sat Oct 29 08:27:34 CEST 2011

Hi, and many thanks for you email. I have some thoughts on some, mostly
minor, points. I was not attending QtDD, so it might be, that it was already
discussed there, if that is so - sorry.

>Qt Project Missing Infrastructure
>These are my notes from the 1 hour session on missing infrastructure
>for the Qt project taken
>at QtDevDays2011 at the Qt contributor meeting.
> * It's fine to have face to face discussions etc. but write them up
>for the mailing list if they're substantial.
> * If it's not on the mailing list it's not decided. Only by posting
>to the ML can a decision be made.

That's a very important point, I guess a lot of fuss on qt5-feedback and
elsewhere might have been avoided if the message about Widgets being left on
raster engine was communicated clearly in advance. Oh, and since I've
mentioned widgets - there still seems to be an awful lot of people not
knowing the current situation. In order to solve it, could some of the
Trolls, please, push a blog onto http://blog.qt.nokia.com/ and/or
http://labs.qt.nokia.com/, and clarify it to more or less everybody? I know
it's been said numerous times on MLs, but there remains a bunch of people
still basing their opinions on the initial Qt5 announcement by Lars, which
has become somewhat out-of-date now.

>* wiki.qt-project.org now exists
> * Some docs from the existing wiki should move here

Ok, but bare in mind, that it may make some people not sure, where to look
for info they need - developer.nokia.com, or qt-project.org? Also, those
"some" docs will exist on both sites simutaneously? If yes, will they be
kept in sync?

> * Should we also release binaries? Probably yes, so we need to be
>able to build them.

Not releasing binaries might stop some people from downloading (especially
people new to Qt - not everybody wants to start their adventure with a new
toolkit by manually building and installing it), so I would strongly vote
in favor of binary releases.

> * Leave the SDK releases to nokia?
>   * SDK release is huge, approx 1TB of data on the 1st day, 20TB in
>the first week.
>   * Leaving it to nokia will delay the binary release while legal
>checks etc. are performed.

Using Torrents might take some load off Nokia, while making the download
process more reliable, and less prone to errors (as torrents check hashes
for every part of the download). It would work flawlessly for standard
releases, but might be tricky for the SDK, as it downloads packages for

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