[Development] 4.8 Build failing on Mac OS 10.7 / XCode 4.2

Chris Meyer cmeyer1969+qt at gmail.com
Sat Oct 29 18:22:07 CEST 2011

I would like to call attention to the following problem which is that
the Qt 4.8 build fails using the latest Mac OS 10.7 / Xcode 4.2 tools.


Somehow the RC 1 candidates are being built... so there must be some
workaround. Is it possible to post the configure commands,
environment, and tools used to build the official 4.8 RC's?

Also, I would hope that unilaterally closing a bug that affects a
primary platform (the Mac is still a primary platform, right?) with a
'Won't Fix'  and closing down all discussion on the issue is a trend
that won't continue.

Zeno Albisser (the one who closed the bug) made some suggestions, but
since the bug is closed, there is no place for developers to post
information about what works and what doesn't work. My first thought
is to turn off debug libs; but I'm guessing other developers have done
it already so it would be nice if the bug were to remain open so that
we could all benefit from trial and error until a solution is found.

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