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Thiago Macieira thiago at kde.org
Mon Oct 31 10:31:21 CET 2011

On Monday, 31 de October de 2011 10:23:12 you wrote:
> Thiago Macieira wrote:
> > Sounds interesting to be present and discuss with the Boost developers
> > ways to improve collaboration. Maybe someone will finally convince them
> > to maintain binary compatibility so their libraries could become
> > *actually* useful as part of a larger API...
> Can we similarly be convinced to adopt generic programming practices?
> Actually we are... we just keep re-inventing their wheels ;-)
> I think the important question is not necessarily binary compatibility. I,
> for one, would love to be able to just *use* Boost inside Qt, in particular
> source-only libraries. As long as we don't touch it in our binary interface
> the lack of BC promise shouldn't affect us. Think TR1 and C++11-features
> available with legacy compilers.
> But anyway, that's a big flame-war about to happen ;-)

The header-only libraries should be usable inside Qt without ill side-effects. 
So I'd say go ahead and use it. Just be mindful that your colleagues may not 
know boost as well as you do, so comment your code well :-)

If you do that, it might be a good idea to import the headers into 
src/3rdparty (after proper exceptions are granted under the CLA). At least 
until we have a decent configure system to more easily detect the presence / 
absence of libraries.

> > However, despite the change of name, the conference is still a Boost
> > conference, at least according to the email you sent. There was absolutely
> > no opening in the text for any C++ library, other than Boost and how
> > those other libraries could interoperate with it.
> Boost is a peer-reviewed collection of libraries. There are constantly new
> libraries being developed and trying to be part of the official
> distribution. In that sense, "Boost" is a very loose definition that can
> easily include a "Boost Qt Interoperability Library" or the effort to build
> that bridge -- both ways.

I understand. And that library would seem to be welcome in the conference.

But suppose I want to come and present Qt only, just how to use it, with no 
relationship to Boost or STL at all. When I read the call for submissions, it 
didn't seem to me that this was a welcome topic.

> > If someone knows these people and can ask them if they are interested in
> > opening up some more, I guess the Qt community would be more interested in
> > the conference.
> I can be a middleman, if one is needed.

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