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João Abecasis joao.abecasis at nokia.com
Mon Oct 31 14:13:09 CET 2011


Some comments from Hartmut on the topic at hand.

Hartmut Kaiser wrote:
> João Abecasis wrote:
>> Thiago Macieira wrote:
>>> João Abecasis wrote:
>>>> Thiago Macieira wrote:
>>>>> However, despite the change of name, the conference is still a Boost
>>>>> conference, at least according to the email you sent. There was
>>>>> absolutely no opening in the text for any C++ library, other than
>>>>> Boost and how those other libraries could interoperate with it.
>>>> Boost is a peer-reviewed collection of libraries. There are
>>>> constantly new libraries being developed and trying to be part of the
>>>> official distribution. In that sense, "Boost" is a very loose
>>>> definition that can easily include a "Boost Qt Interoperability
>>>> Library" or the effort to build that bridge -- both ways.
>>> I understand. And that library would seem to be welcome in the
>> conference.
>>> But suppose I want to come and present Qt only, just how to use it,
>>> with no relationship to Boost or STL at all. When I read the call for
>>> submissions, it didn't seem to me that this was a welcome topic.
>> Would you care to offer your comment on that?
> It is definitely true that C++ Now! builds on the series of BoostCon
> conferences (and the related experience) we've had in the past. At the same
> time, C++ Now! is not only a new name for an old dog. The new name is
> reflecting the new, more open orientation we want to follow with this
> conference. 
> The call for submission says: 'The focus of this conference will be the new
> C++11 language Standard and as usual Boost'. Just from this sentence it
> should be clear that any submission touching either C++11 or Boost is right
> on target. I'm convinced the Qt developers do think about how their library
> will evolve in the context of the new language Standard. So why not talk
> about it?
> Another quote: 'To reflect the breadth of the C++ and Boost communities, the
> conference includes sessions aimed at three constituencies: C++ and Boost
> end-users, hard-core Boost library and tool developers ...'. Even if we
> mention Boost, it's always in the broader context of its host language C++.
> For me personally, tool developers have always been a special target group
> for this conference. In the past they have contributed very interesting
> sessions and have constituted a significant group in the audience.
> Overall, I would like to encourage you to submit one or more session
> proposals for C++ Now! Even if you don't want to talk about Boost or about
> how Qt could interact with Boost - this shouldn't cause you to hold back.
> I'm sure many people in the audience would value hearing about your
> experience with designing and developing a large open source C++ library,
> while others would value getting more information about Qt itself and on how
> they can use Qt for their own projects.



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