[Development] state of Qt's Australia office

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Thu Aug 2 14:09:12 CEST 2012


On 2 August 2012 15:02,  <lars.knoll at nokia.com> wrote:
> For Qt as a product, it is now really important to remember that we do have
> the Qt project and a live and active community around it. This might make
> some things a bit more difficult in the short term, but we will find ways to
> deal with this and to continue to move Qt forward.

I think that until Nokia keeps controling Qt we won't move much.

I explain better what I mean. Nobody can stop us to keep contributing
to Qt and developing Qt.
We can use in any opensource project we want. But what about companies
and commercial products?!

People still need to buy a license from Digia.

Is Digia allowed to license Qt for mobile development? I'm just asking...

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