[Development] Branches

Knoll Lars Lars.Knoll at digia.com
Mon Dec 3 17:29:24 CET 2012


since there has been some confusion about the branches we created, let me try to clarify. We currently have three branches: dev, stable and master. 


Dev is the branch where you can land anything that's supposed to go into 5.1. The following policies apply:

* Changes have to be source and binary compatible
* You can add new method and classes given that they are fully documented and tested
* Please do not add half finished features. Create your own branch for that, and only push your changes once the feature is fully done.


This branch will be the basis for Qt 5.0 and subsequent patch level releases. The following policies apply here:

* Changes have to be source and binary compatible (until 5.0.0 is out, I can approve exceptions. But you'll need extremely good reasons)
* No new methods and classes can be added
* Focus on fixing documentation, packaging and reported bugs
* All fixes that are not purely documentation or packaging related should refer to a JIRA bug and come with an auto test.


master is closed for new pushes and will go away in a couple of weeks by the latest. There were some questions about merging it into stable instead of dev. Since many people have 5.0 stuff still there, I'm ok to merging stable into once or twice in the next few days if we're careful. That also means anything being staged for master has to be 5.0 material for now.

In addition to dev and stable, we will get a 3rd branch called release. This is the branch where we'll make the actual 5.0.x patch level releases from. We'll create that branch from stable once we have a set of SHA1's that are ok to release as the RC.

Hope this clarifies things.


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