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8.5.4 List-initialization [dcl.init.list]

1 List-initialization is initialization of an object or reference from a
braced-init-list. Such an initializer is called an initializer list, and
the comma-separated initializer-clauses of the list are called the elements of
the initializer list. An initializer list may be empty. List-initialization
can occur in *direct-initialization* or *copy- initialization* *contexts*;
list-initialization in a *direct-initialization context* is called
and list-initialization in a *copy-initialization context* is called

  8.5 Initializers


   14  The initialization that occurs in the form

   T x = a;

   as well as in argument passing, function return, throwing an exception (
   15.1), handling an exception (15.3), and aggregate member initialization
   (8.5.1) *is called **copy-initialization*. [Note: Copy-initialization
   may invoke a move (12.8). — end note ]

   3. 15  The initialization that occurs in the forms
   5. T x(a);
   6. T x{a};
   8. as well as in new expressions (5.3.4), static_cast expressions (5.2.9),
   functional notation type conversions (5.2.3), and base and member
   initializers (12.6.2) *is called **direct-initialization*.

So, if it's not this, just got confused.
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