[Development] Branching 5.0

João Abecasis joao at abecasis.name
Mon Dec 3 22:26:19 CET 2012

Sergio Ahumada wrote:
> So as far as I understand, we should merge 'master' into 'dev' at some
> point (twice a week?) and then delete the 'master' branch at some point.
> This is mainly because we don't want to take non-blockers into 'stable'.
> For those who need something into 'stable' which is already merged in
> 'master' I think that one solution could be to cherry-pick the specific
> sha1 from 'master' into 'stable' and then push to 'refs/for/stable'. A
> new CI run is needed though. Other ideas are welcomed.
> If you are going to push something directly to 'stable', please provide
> a Task-number to a blocker issue in JIRA.
> Let's try to *just* push fixes for things that will block the release
> <https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-27426>,

Isn't this the definition of the "release" branch? If we are in
release mode, if we only want fixes for blockers why not say that
"master" *IS* the release branch for the time being?

Saying that we'll open the "release" branch once the code is ready for
RC but applying the rules of the "release" branch looks confusing at



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