[Development] dist/changes-x.y.z (was: Re: Branches)

Marc Mutz marc.mutz at kdab.com
Thu Dec 6 18:36:57 CET 2012

Hi Lars,

On Monday December 3 2012, Knoll Lars wrote:
> Dev:
> Dev is the branch where you can land anything that's supposed to go into
> 5.1. The following policies apply:
> * Changes have to be source and binary compatible
> * You can add new method and classes given that they are fully documented
> and tested * Please do not add half finished features. Create your own
> branch for that, and only push your changes once the feature is fully done.

Should we add:

* carries a change to dist/changes-5.1.0 if it's (Qt-)user-visible (bug fixes,
  new features, performance fixes)?

Same for stable once 5.0.0 branches off?

Personally, I don't look forward to combing through 1000s of commits and 
tracking down contributors to add their changes to the list, esp. if those 
100s of contributors want to commit at the same time to the same file in the 
resulting rush pre-5.1 :) The work needs to be done anyway, the question is 
just when it's done.

We don't yet have a large list of 'dev' changes, and I'd like QtWidgets not to 
be the only module requiring this.

Or do we ignore changes-x.y.z going forward (like we did for 5.0.0)?


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