[Development] QAction-like API for QML

Shawn Rutledge shawn.rutledge at digia.com
Tue Dec 11 19:49:48 CET 2012

On Tue, Dec 11, 2012 at 09:48:22AM -0800, Alan Alpert wrote:
> Why can't this be QML-only? For the set of controls exposed in
> C++-only we have a C++-only Action API. When we add a set of controls
> exposed in QML-only we can have a QML-only Action API. We don't

Because it seems likely that the business logic of an application would
be written in C++, so why not export the actions that the logic can
support at the same time?  Some future version of QML designer might
even be able to discover the exported actions and make it easy to
build parts of the UI, or even suggest a complete implementation.
(The whole action tree goes into the menubar, and each menu goes 
into an optional toolbar fragment which can be turned on and off 
by the user, and the state of those fragments needs to be stored 
in settings.  The best practice is very predictable.)

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