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Oh well, if you already feel offended by this phrasing, I guess you should get a thicker skin ... we've people from very different cultures and with varying English language skills in the community, so you should just take things with a pinch of salt in general.

Anyway, the sentence is from the upstream gerrit project, and it actually describes pretty good what it means, technically:

"you shouldn't submit this" - I don't think this is ready to go in as it is.
"I would prefer" -  ..but at the same time this isn't a veto, so if another approver thinks differently (with reasons), please go ahead.

Actually looking at the android version of gerrit  which I presume would be using the upstream version they have omitted the comments entirely, merely using a "Code-Review +1" comment.
They also have a helpful "browse projects" link in the header and their CSS looks cleaner. Perhaps we are simply not up to date or we actually applied those comments locally?

See https://android-review.googlesource.com/#/q/status:open,n,z


If anyone things there are better ways to formulate exactly this, I suggest bringing it up in the gerrit forums.

There's a point though that a lot of people (including me) are using -1 for 'this requires more work', and -2 for 'the patch, or target branch is just wrong, please abandon'. So if the intention of the patch is fine in general, but contains some errors, I myself tend to give -1, though it should maybe be a -2. Anyway, I think everyone giving a -1 or -2 should put an explanation in the comments which explains things, so I haven't yet perceived this as a real issue.



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> (Rethoric: should this go to a more generic qt list?)
> Hello
> (First a side question, is there a more consequent documentation
about the use
> of gerrit?)
> Is it only me that finds the "-1" review default message in gerrit
> irritating?
> "I would prefer that you didn't submit this"
> reads to my brain much like "go f*k yourself" without the raw
> I get all the idea of the automating thing and all, and that
machines have no
> emotion, but, if I don't miss something obvious (this happens to
me though...)
> and if that message is configurable, how about
> "This requires more work"
> instead?

Yes this describes more the workflow how I use that with my
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