[Development] requesting an own 4.8-blackberry10 branch on gitorious

Sergio Ahumada sergio.ahumada at digia.com
Mon Dec 17 15:28:02 CET 2012

On 12/17/2012 03:24 PM, Turunen Tuukka wrote:
> On 17.12.2012 15.55, "Peter Hartmann" <phartmann at rim.com> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> would it be possible to get an own 4.8-blackberry10 branch on gitorious
>> in the qt repo (https://qt.gitorious.org/qt/qt), similar to the
>> 4.8.0-symbian branch that still exists?

The way this worked for Symbian (AFAIK) was that they were pushing their 
changes to 4.8 and once they were integrated they cherry-pick them into 
their branch.

I don't think this was meant to have their own changes without being in 
the 4.8 branch first.

>> The thing is for BlackBerry 10 we are working as close to upstream (i.e.
>> 4.8 branch) as possible, but due to some features we needed that are
>> hard to get into 4.8 (e.g.
>> https://codereview.qt-project.org/#change,39135) and turnaround time for
>> getting patches into Qt 4 (+ getting them into Qt 5 first), it would be
>> good if we had an own dedicated branch for it.
>> We could point people to it in case they want to compile Qt themselves
>> for BlackBerry 10, and make sure everybody working on it (us and KDAB)
>> is using exactly the same branch.
>> Alternatively I guess we could just clone the repo into a team clone.
>> Peter
> We can discuss this, but personally I am not that fond of creating
> platform specific branches. I think the drawbacks of these clearly
> outweight the benefits in long run.
> If your problem is mainly turnaround time for getting things in it may be
> due to many being busy with getting Qt 5.0.0 out. In general we are still
> welcoming improvements to 4.8 as long as they are not behavioral or public
> API changes.

I think this is related to the CI time and CI (or flaky test) failures.

Sergio Ahumada
Release Engineer - Digia, Qt

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