[Development] Integrating QAction and the upcoming QML Action (was QAction-like API for QML)

Olivier Goffart olivier at woboq.com
Tue Dec 18 23:19:50 CET 2012

On Tuesday 18 December 2012 10:20:39 Thiago Macieira wrote:
> On terça-feira, 18 de dezembro de 2012 09.46.13, Alan Alpert wrote:
> > B) QAction is moved to Gui and is used to create the QML API.
> You can't do that.
> QAction is QtWidgets and that's where it will stay until Qt 6.

We moved QXMLStreamReader from QtXml to QtCore in Qt4 time, and this worked.

As for the dependency, as i wrote in the other mail, it is only forward 
declared class, and the implemention of thos few QWidget-specific can stay in 
QtWidgets uning hook like QVariant does.


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