[Development] Qml mime types

Koehne Kai Kai.Koehne at digia.com
Thu Dec 20 12:32:09 CET 2012

> Subject: Re: [Development] Qml mime types
> Do I understand you correctly that you prefer my initial proposal with text/vnd.qt.qml at the top? or you want 
> qml-base and qml as subtype?
> Assuming you meant the first option we get to
> text/plain; charset=utf-8
>  text/vnd.qt.qml => a file written in the qml language
>    text/vnd.qt.qtquick+qml  => .qml file like now: qtquick
>    text/vnd.qt.qbs+qml => .qbs files
>    text/vnd.qt.meta-info+qml => .qmltypes files
>    text/vnd.qt.project+qml => .qmlproject files

I like the hierachy in general,but would  go for a split between text/vnd/qt.qtquick1.qml and text/vnd.qt.qtquick2.qml from the start - if you're interested in whether a file just confirms to the language grammar (text/vnd.qt.qml), or is actually a Qt Quick (GUI) file then you'll also be interested in knowing whether it's Qt Quick1 or Qt Quick 2. But I also agree with Lars and Alan that you shouldn't implicitly assume that a '.qml' file is qtquick. So here is my proposal:

text/plain; charset=utf-8
 text/vnd.qt.qml => a file adhering to the QML grammar/syntax, .qml suffix
   text/vnd.qt.qtquick1+qml => .qml suffix  + heuristics, e.g. 'grep import QtQuick 1.'
   text/vnd.qt.qtquick2+qml => .qml suffix  + heuristics, e.g. 'grep import QtQuick 2.'
   text/vnd.qt.qbs+qml => .qbs suffix
   text/vnd.qt.meta-info+qml => .qmltypes suffix
   text/vnd.qt.project+qml => .qmlproject suffix

But I'm not into mimetypes at all, so maybe I understand something wrong ...

(Btw, do .qbs files actually strictly adhere to the QML grammar? I remember discussions about having special syntax for it's use case, but don't know the outcome of it.)



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