[Development] Non-movable Qt build

Yves Bailly yves.bailly at sescoi.fr
Thu Dec 27 14:22:31 CET 2012

Le 26/12/2012 19:10, Thiago Macieira a écrit :
> On quarta-feira, 26 de dezembro de 2012 16.55.12, Yves Bailly wrote:
>> Le 26/12/2012 16:39, Thiago Macieira a écrit :
>>> On quarta-feira, 26 de dezembro de 2012 16.14.10, Yves Bailly wrote:
>>>> Why not use relative paths, e.g.
>>>> QT_MODULE_BIN_BASE = ../../qtbase/bin
>>>> ...or some variable, e.g.
>>>> QT_MODULE_BIN_BASE = ${QTDIR}/qtbase/bin
>>>> ??
>>>> Any hint greatly appreciated.
>>> Create a file called qt.conf in the bin dir and write this inside:
>>> [Paths]
>>> Prefix=..
>> I tried that (although giving an absolute path), but qmake still gives the
>> warnings. Just tried using "..", I still get the warnings...
> The .pri files have the paths hardcoded too, probably.

Well... as far as I can tell, changing the paths in the qt_*.pri files seems enough
to have a relocated Qt mostly working.

Assuming I want to create myself a kind of distributable package containing a
Qt build, would it be enough to provide a script (using Python for example) which
would change those paths?

I guess the prebuild binaries available for downloads (which I can't use for
various reasons) are doing something like this, where can I find more information
about what is needed to be modified when relocating a Qt build?


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