[Development] QtQuick1 (Qt4 and Qt5)

Chris Adams chris.adams at qinetic.com.au
Fri Dec 28 01:48:50 CET 2012



The primary purpose of having QtQuick 1 in Qt5 is compatibility, that
> your "import QtQuick 1.1" QML works *as before* when you switch to Qt
> 5. Work on QtQuick 1.1 which is not eligible for a Qt 4 patch release
> is clearly unacceptable. The question of a QtQuick 1.2 is less clear,
> but I'd still argue that it's better to fill the hole (we've only
> established one so far ;) ) of QtQuick 2 rather than release a new
> version of QtQuick 1 after QtQuick 2 is out.

I completely agree.  The issue is not only one of compatibility and
simplicity (although those reasons are compelling enough on their own).
QtQuick1 is legacy, and exists for one intended reason only.  Any other
reason is unintentional and signifies a bug (or planned feature) in

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