[Development] Moving .ico image format support out of qtbase?

Richard Moore rich at kde.org
Wed Feb 1 10:47:21 CET 2012

On 1 February 2012 06:37, Kent Hansen <kent.hansen at nokia.com> wrote:
> The .ico plugin was originally a Qt Solution, but in Qt 4.4 it was made
> part of Qt because QtWebKit needed it.
> Does QtWebKit still need it? Does anyone else need it?
> In any case, would it be OK to move it to the new qtimageformats module
> (where MNG and TIFF were moved already)? Then QtWebKit or any other
> project could pull in that additional module if it needs the support.

I guess qtwebkit will use it for favicon support, so unless they are
now using another image decoder they probably still need it.


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