[Development] Configuration changes for QStateMachine

Kent Hansen kent.hansen at nokia.com
Thu Feb 2 14:48:59 CET 2012

Den 02. feb. 2012 14:39, skrev ext Caio Marcelo de Oliveira Filho:
> Hello,
> I didn't have time to provide a patch this week, but I would like to
> get this in Qt 5.0 if possible -- I'm willing to write the necessary
> changes and tests for it.
> QTBUG-9380: It would be useful if QStateMachine had a signal to notify
> about configuration changes
> https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-9380
> I think the risk of adding this signal is very low. I've talked with
> Noam about his suggestion and we agreed that for now the signal
> approach (as described in the task) would be fine.
> What do you think?
> Cheers,

Sounds good.


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