[Development] Separation of QtQuick 1 from QtDeclarative repo

matthew.vogt at nokia.com matthew.vogt at nokia.com
Fri Feb 3 04:32:19 CET 2012

As the first part of the changes described by QTBUG-23737, we have now separated version 1 of Qt Quick from the qt5 qtdeclarative module.

The implementation of Qt Quick 1 is now hosted in the 'qtquick1' repository ( http://qt.gitorious.org/qt/qtquick1 ).  For maximum compatibility with the existing version of Qt Quick, this repository was created by importing the current implementation of Qt Quick from 4.8, using the JavaScriptCore engine, modified to build in the Qt5 environment.  This repo is not yet integrated into the qt5 meta repo.

The qtquick1 repo produces a single library (QtQuick1) containing both the declarative engine and the Qt Quick 1 QML elements.  The 'qmlviewer' utility is now hosted in the qtquick1 repo, and only loads QML files importing version 1 of QtQuick.  The 'qmlscene' utility remains in the qtdeclarative repo, and only loads QML files importing version 2 of QtQuick.

Code linking against the qtquick1 implementation of Qt Quick should specify 'QT += quick1'.  Code linking against the current version of the declarative engine should specify 'QT += declarative', and 'Qt += quick' to link against the QtQuick 2 QML elements.


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