[Development] Work on qDebug and friends

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> > So, if I want to have also time/date on my logs, should I install a
> > new message handler?
> Well, I plan to work on a simple environment switch which will enable the
> default logger to show the file, line, and the log level. My idea is that an IDE
> e.g. Qt Creator sets this environment variable, and voila, you can suddenly
> click on your log messages :)

Finally I came around to actually implement something:


The idea is that you can customize the output by setting the QT_DEBUG_PATTERN environment variable. Setting it e.g. to

"[%type%] %file%:%line% %function% %message%" 

Would generate lines like:

[debug] ../helloworld/main.cpp:7 main HELLO WORLD

However, I'm not really sure whether that belongs into Qt Core or not. I'm happy to move the code elsewhere if we're going for a separate plugin/module. That's why it's also not a completely polished patch (documentation is missing + there is an ugly busy wait for concurrent access in qMessageHandlerTokens. Any hints for more elegant solutions are welcome).


Kai Koehne

PS: The code simplifying Q_FUNC_INFO output (qCleanupFuncinfo) stems from Thiago . The autotest that he also wrote is producing some failures though :(

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