[Development] QLog ( Work on qDebug and friends)

wolfgang.beck at nokia.com wolfgang.beck at nokia.com
Mon Feb 6 00:20:42 CET 2012

That's exactly right.

Category log is not on at all at default.
If category log is on the default output is used (same of qDebug()).
Only logging in an output log file is active if you explicit set this in your config file.
Activation of category log comes from outside via configuration file and maybe environment variable but no recompiling neccessary.


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> I think we can change the current QLog.
> Category using qDebug(category) and writing stuff out in an output file.
> For me a logging file is much more important than system logs or 
> socket because you can ask the customer that uses your Qt application 
> to send you back the output log file.
> Other cool stuff like writing into sockets can be done in an addOn or 
> even in a plugin.

qDebug() and friends should continue outputting as they currently do. The only difference should be the addition of the category/area (whatever you want to call it); and even then that should be available to the message handler as additional information that could be used; but the default probably should not do so.

Anything else should be in the add-on as it is a preference for the application usage.
Some instances its better to have a file; others a shared system. It's a decision that should be left up to each application.
That's why it should be in the add-on only.

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