[Development] Feature freeze and Alpha

Quim Gil quim.gil at nokia.com
Mon Feb 6 18:34:00 CET 2012

Hi, can we have please a Qt 5 landing page where all this information 
cam be found or linked? It looks like the closest now is


On 02/05/2012 06:12 AM, ext lars.knoll at nokia.com wrote:
> We're now starting with our feature freeze


> We will soon have to start preparing the Alpha of Qt5. The purpose of the
> Alpha release is to validate the APIs, as well as to get some first
> general feedback on Qt5 as a product.


> The beta will then expose this to a wider audience and the focus there is
> mostly to find the remaining bugs and showstoppers, not to work on the API
> anymore.

We should use these steps to fasten also our Qt 5 marketing deliveries. See


- The feature freeze offers the bulk of novelties that Qt 5 contains.

- By the alpha release we should have defined the core story and top 
items to push. Also the deliveries we expect beyond code.

- By the beta release we should have the rough content in place, good 
enough to be useful to the beta release itself. Core text and images / 
diagrams should be there.

- Between beta and final we should focus on the production of more 
complex deliveries e.g. Qt 5 intro video. If we have planned any kind of 
launch activities then that will be the time of last minute rush.  :)

We will need the help of the maintainers extracting the best juice out 
of Qt 5. I hope Lars has time to follow and review, just as if this 
would be a component more of the release.

Some months back I asked who would coordinate the Qt release marketing 
this time, only to find eyes looking back at me.  :O

Until now Qt releases marketing has been pushed by a team inside 
Trolltech / Nokia. I hope we will move to an open and distributed 
effort, just like the rest of the Qt Project. Anybody interested in 
joining please come to the [Marketing] list.


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