[Development] mailto links in Qt Assistant - a fix?

David Burson david_burson at ntm.org
Tue Feb 7 20:26:21 CET 2012



We're using Qt 4.7.4 and discovered when you click a mailto link in a custom
help file in Qt Assistant, nothing happens.


Here's our fix, showing lines 171-179 in the end of
AbstractHelpViewer::launchWithExternalApp(const QUrl &) in





    } else if (url.scheme() == QLatin1String("http") ||

               url.scheme() == QLatin1String("mailto")) {

      return QDesktopServices::openUrl(url);


    return false;



The only change was replacing the old line 174, which tests for url.scheme()
= "http", with lines 174-175, which adds the extra test for "mailto".


My question:  is there a reason "mailto" was deliberately omitted, or is it
a bug?  Is this a reasonable fix?  Or is there some security issue with
allowing mailto links like this?




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