[Development] Changes to the Jira roles and workflow

andre.poenitz at nokia.com andre.poenitz at nokia.com
Thu Feb 9 12:59:18 CET 2012

Storm-Olsen Marius wrote:
> Thiago Macieira wrote:
> > Agreed. As a Maintainer, I really don't want tons of tasks assigned
> > to me and in idle state. It would make my life difficult because I
> > can't find the tasks I want to work on. And it would get people
> > screaming at me for not looking at their tasks.
> I think the argument against that is that Maintainers should know what
> goes on in their modules.
> Assigning new tasks "unassigned" will not notify the maintainer about
> issues in the modules that have come up, and the maintainer will not by
> notified when someone takes a task and starts working on it.

These are exactly the reasons for the Qt Creator project to use
default assignment to the maintainer. Sure, there's a slight chance 
that there will be a "P5, nice to have, but I really don't have the time to
do it myself" case where unassigning is one way to handle it, but the
majority of tasks _is_ properly assigned the automated way for us.

I also think it helps to feel responsible for a particular task if it's 
assigned to me. It's much easier to ignore tasks otherwise, with the
net effect of tasks piling up quicker than they are solved.

> (/me has no strong feelings either way, just highlighting the different
> view points)

Thanks ;-)


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