[Development] RFC: The Future of QDoc

marius.storm-olsen at nokia.com marius.storm-olsen at nokia.com
Thu Feb 9 20:04:41 CET 2012

On 09/02/2012 12:13, ext marius.storm-olsen at nokia.com wrote:
> On 09/02/2012 10:33, ext Manuel Nickschas wrote:
>> I'd be happy to see Qt use or at least support more standard
>> solutions over homegrown ones. Since that failed for localization,
>> maybe we can at least get it for documentation :)
> I think there are a few issues here:
> 1) Only Dimitri touches Doxygen code, and it doesn't look like
> contributions go in (at least not under the authors name). This means
> that the functionality to support Qt's extensive documentation needs to
> be implemented by Dimitri alone. Thus, Nokia's team cannot be working on
> enhancing Doxygen to get it up to par with the current output from qdoc.

Btw, all purely based on 
http://doxygen.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/doxygen/trunk/ and committers 
I can see in the revision logs. I have not been in contact with Dimitri 
on the matter, but I do see a "call to action" in 
http://old.nabble.com/Doxygen-support-for-QML---td32658060.html. So 
perhaps a wrong assumption on my part.


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